Sunday, April 3, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

I frequently read this magazine. I usually read it online though. First reason I read it online is because I am cheap. I don't have a subscription. Sorry to RAK- but I don't want to fork out the money for something I will read once and then it will clutter my house and finally get to the recycle bin.

However, I do read it online because I love their articles, I love their bloggers, and I love that they always post fun things to do in the Phoenix area. Fun, CHEAP things. Please re-read the first 3 sentences if you already forgot how cheap I am.

Looking at one of their blogger's blogs- Brittney Walker- she is a mom of 3 boys and she has some awesome "how to" articles. Here is a copy of my favorite one. In fact, I think this is a project for this lazy Sunday. What do you think?

How-To’s Day: Recycled “swirly” crayons

I hate throwing away crayons. Even half a crayon. Even one-third of a crayon. But when I pulled down the kids’ bucket of crayons the other day to find it full of tiny crayon nubs and only two or three full sized crayons I knew it was time to let them go. So, inspired by another friend of mine, the kids and I made what they dubbed “swirly crayons”. Here is how you can put your crayon nubs to good use too.

A muffin tin
Cupcake papers
Broken crayons

Step 1: Preheat your oven to about 200-250 degrees and peel all paper off of the crayons.

Step 2: Line muffin tin with papers.

Step 3: Break crayons down into easily meltable sizes.

Step 4: Put the tin full of crayons in the oven and watch it. The crayons will look like they are just starting to melt for quite a while until they are quite suddenly crayon soup. Pull them out before they are over-melted.

Step 5: Let crayons cool. This will take quite a while. I think we left them for at least an hour

Step 6: Bust out your new swirly crayons and create a work of art.

Article found HERE

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