Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: Birth Centers

Did you know there are other places, besides the hospital, that you can give birth?
I am not talking about broken elevators or in Walmart or on the side of the road. While you CAN give birth in these places, I am talking about places you can give birth that you actually PLANNED to have your baby there.
What are these places? I will outline one in this post.
Well, most of America knows about the hospital. The labor and delivery unit/ in hopsital birth center/ birthing suites/ mother-baby unit, etc in the hospital is where the majority of women in the United States are giving birth these days.

However, you can also give birth in a freestanding BIRTH CENTER
Click the link for an example of a local Phoenix birth center.
Is there a birth center near you? Click on the other links for more examples of birth centers.

A freestanding birth center is a place designed to feel like home that is not a hospital. It almost always has a kitchen, birthing tubs, large beds where you can give birth, a beautiful yard, and often multiple rooms.
In every birth center there is emergency medical equipment. They have oxygen, some medications (though usually not pain medications!), and ways to help in emergency situations.

With that information at hand, have you ever looked into having your baby at a birth center?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the local birth centers around America. They are there to serve women. They are what helps raise mothers and bring babies into the world safely. The women who work in these birth centers help a special population of women who won't/can't or aren't ready to have their baby at home, but who know they don't belong in the hospital.

*Birth centers are for low risk women * without major medical complications during their pregnancy.

Contact a local birth center today to learn about your options when giving birth.

Picture from Diane Bajus @ blossombirthcenter.com

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