Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Wednesday: Choking Hazards

It is wild the things that kids can choke on. It is so hard to keep all of these little hazards out of their reach. I *thankfully* have never had a serious choking scare... most of ours come from spaghetti that never got chewed and you have to pull the whole thing out of their throat as they are trying to swallow it.

Being that my girls are almost 2 and 4, we are starting to get past that choking hazard age with household items. They both know not to put money, dice, paperclips, keys, marbles, jacks, barbie shoes, etc. into their mouths.

I know we aren't completely safe- we still need to remember to cut up their food, make sure they don't eat too fast, and watch them closely as they inhale popcorn, hot dogs, and grapes.

What kind of WILD things have your kids choked on? Or swallowed? Or you found in their mouths?
Just for fun- here is a picture of my 4 year old with a serious choking hazard... dice... "gold pirate dice" to be exact.

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